Conflict Resolution


Mediation focuses on achieving mutually satisfactory solutions and promoting respectful communication, with the goal of resolving conflicts before they have to go to court.

"Peaceful Partings"

You and your ex CAN choose to transition peacefully out of your relationship.  When children are involved this choice can be crucial.  A choice absolutely essential to the positive development of your child's self-esteem.  Whether you share children, complex financial investments or just time, work together with professional Attorney Mediator Tanya Ridino to peacefully transition beyond your romantic relationship.


Mediation Training: 2008 Intensive Mediation Skills Training with Gary Friedman of The Center for Mediation in the Law, 32 hours; Mediating Court Mandated General Civil Cases, Mediating Unlawful Detainer, Small Claims and Civil Harassment at court, Sponsored by the Lake/Mendocino Superior Courts’ Civil Mediation Program.


High resolution rate through use of a facilitative, understanding based, problem solving approach in high conflict personal disputes

Self Care

Essential Oils for Health

Maintaining a positive mood and attitude can be very challenging at times. But never more so than when faced with a legal battle.  Maintaining a positive attitude can be the absolute difference between successfully navigating a legal conflict with ease, and not.   


When it comes to managing your mood, only you truly know best what type of self-care you need.  But self-care is essential.  Create time to be in nature, walking outside, regular exercise or yoga.  Whatever it takes to de-stress, focus on the bigger picture and relish all the beauty immediately available in nature.  Essential oils can help restore your emotional balance and improve your overall attitude in any situation.  No oil is better then DoTerra and we can help you purchase wellness kits of essential oil.  Ask our office administrator for more information.