Areas of Law


  • Family Law - including divorce, legal separation, custody, paternity and adoption,

  • Restraining Orders - Domestic Violence, Civil Harassment and Elder Abuse Restraining Orders,

  • Immigration Services for victims of crime - VAWA, U-visa and T-visa Petitions,

  • Juvenile Law Dependency - child protective services cases,

  • Probate Guardianships,

  • Small Claims,

  • Emancipation,

  • Expungement of criminal records aka "Dismissals,"

  • Name Changes,

  • Gender Changes and

  •  Establishment of Birth, Amended Birth Certificates.

Our Services

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We understand that transitioning out of a prior relationship can be incredibly complex and sometimes incredibly painful.  Our compassion for your particular situation combined with our expertise in the legalities of separation, divorce, custody and support will help guide your through your family law case with as much ease as possible.



The cost of retaining an attorney to resolve contested family law matters can be staggering because:  

~ family law disputes often involve a large number of legal issues; and   

~ even simple matters can involve a good deal of legal documentation and/or court appearances. 


To address the challenge of reducing client’s costs, CLAMS asseses our client’s ability to represent themselves depending on several factors including the complexity of the case, the amicability of the parties, and our client’s comfort level with representing themselves.    Client’s dramatically reduce their legal costs by only paying the level of guidance and representation that is necessary and appropriate.


Further cost savings to our client’s results from our orientation toward negotiated and mediated agreement between the parties.  For the great majority of family law issues that arise, established legal precedents dictate the ‘legally just’  resolutions.  Our evaluation of your case identifies these easily resolvable issues and provides concrete proposals that our client’s can often use to achieve simple agreements with their former spouses or their other parent    For issues that are not guided by uniform legal precedent, our staff is available to negotiate or mediate these issues with you and your former partner.