Tanya Ridino came into my life at a time when I was desperately trying to find a way back into my children's lives.  My ex had been abusive and had so far been able to use the legal system to continue that abuse in controlling my access to my children.  Tanya Ridino gave her time and energy and despite the difficult situation, managed to put me on a path that led to my custody being restored to 50/50.  During the time she represented me she was always there to answer any questions I had and when prepping for court dates or a trial, she was thorough and explained every step so I could understand.  When our ways parted I knew that she would be willing to give me advice if needed.  I can not recommend her highly enough.  I truly feel blessed that she came into my life and will always be grateful for her help. - Client C.G.

Mi experiencia con la abogada Mr. Ridino fue positiva, fue en un ambiente calmo donde me senti escuchada y pude contar mi experiencia en una situacion de violencia en casa.  Tanya y su equipo me dieron fuerza para tomar la decision de divorciarme, pese a todas las consecuencias a nivel economico y emocional, mi bienestar como persona es lo que priorizaba, y ellas me lo recordaron.Tanya me ayudo con el tramite del divorcio y mediando en el proceso, investigando con otros abogados y comunicandose con mi expareja.  Ella continua haciendo seguimiento en mis tramites de documentos. y me siento confiada en que ella esta pendiente de su labor. Gracias a su profesionalidad este tramite ha sido mas facil y he podido llevar este proceso con calma.  Estoy muy agradecida por los servicios que Tanya y su equipo me han ofrecido  - Client R.F. 

Translation: My experience with the lawyer Mr. Ridino was positive, it was in a calm environment where I felt heard and I could tell my experience in a situation of violence at home.  Tanya and her team gave me strength to make the decision to divorce, despite all the economic and emotional consequences, my well-being as a person is what I prioritized, and they reminded me of it. Tanya helped me with the divorce proceedings and mediated in the process, investigating with other lawyers and communicating with my ex-partner.  She continues to follow up on my paperwork. and I feel confident.  Thanks to their professionalism this process has been easier and I have been able to take this process with ease.  I am very grateful for the services that Tanya and her team have offered me - Client R.F.